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Rectangle Windows Trio | Honey Cuts

Honey Bee Stamps

  • 1820

Rectangle Windows Trio

  • Package contains 3 dies.
  • Red outlines indicate the cut lines.
  • Light gray indicates individual dies.
  • Use these dies together to create a set of 3 windows... or snip them apart and use them to place the 3 windows wherever you like on your project!

Honey Cuts... our very own custom craft dies. High-quality finished steel. Compatible with most die cutting machines on the market today.


If dies are cut together as connected:
Windows cut at: 4.9" wide x 2.13" tall
Stitching detail cuts at: 5" wide x 2.29" tall

If dies are used separately:
Each window cuts at: 1.40" wide x 2.13" tall
Stitching around each window: 1.54" wide x 2.29" tall

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